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Postponement for Casella’s Dalton Landfill

North Country Alliance for Balanced Change (NCABC), represented by BCM’s Amy Manzelli, and the Dalton Conservation Commission (DCC) have both requested a postponement of the permitting process for Casella Waste Systems’ proposed landfill in Dalton, New Hampshire. The landfill would impact 17 acres of wetlands, and Casella has denied access to the site to conduct site visits during this crucial time. Vernal pools and rare, threatened, and endangered species cannot be verified if a site visit isn’t conducted during the “growing seasons”. Amy states, “If the Dalton Conservation Commission is deprived of its legal rights to investigate to obtain such information, not only could the application process suffer from poor design and poor environmental stewardship, but also, legally, the process would be subject to invalidation upon appeal.”

Continue reading in the Caledonian Record.

NH Food Alliance – NH Agrarian Commons Discussion

On June 4th, BCM’s Amy Manzelli presented at New Hampshire Food Alliance’s Network Cafe entitled “A Focus on NH’s Farmland: New Conservation Models & Furthering Equity in Land Access”. 


2.6 Million square-foot Amazon Distribution Center Put on Hold

BCM’s Amy Manzelli, along with a group of Hudson, New Hampshire residents, have been working to oppose the placement of an Amazon distribution center on the current Green Meadow Golf Club property. The proposed plans for the construction of three warehouses are estimated to impact 2.8 acres of wetlands and 7 acres of wetland buffers and the current stormwater volume would no longer flow to wetlands and streams. The project has been put on hold after a successful appeal was filed by Amy, on behalf of 17 Hudson residents, last week.

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NH Agrarian Commons – Normanton Farms

The New Hampshire Agrarian Commons, a subsidiary of the national Agrarian Trust, promotes land access and tenure for next generation farmers. Monadnock Community Land Trust (MCLT) has donated 63 acres of land to the NH Agrarian Commons. For the past 12 years this land was leased by Normanton Farms. The farm will now enter into a relationship with NH Agrarian Commons and sign a 99-year lease, guaranteeing that the farm can continue to provide pastured chicken, pastured pork, and grass-fed beef to the local community – even after Steve Normanton retires in the next 5-10 years.

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NHBA CLE April 30th 2021

BCM’s own Amy Manzelli will be joining a faculty of professionals this Friday, April 30th, as they speak about renewable energy facility siting. Amy regularly works with towns and the state of New Hampshire to navigate the permitting process of solar energy projects.

Register here and learn more through presented case studies of recently approved projects.

Association of Mass. Wetland Scientists – Ethics Presentation

BCM’s Jason Reimers will be making an ethics presentation for the Association of Massachusetts Wetland Scientists on April 22nd.

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Agrarian Commons – Little Jubba Farms

The Agrarian Trust works to break down the barriers preventing new farmers from accessing and securing land by creating Agrarian Commons. The Agrarian Commons holds land parcels in trust and gives the power back to the farmer, rather than the landowner. Somalian refugees in Maine have struggled with land security and tenancy in since 2014, forced to move and recreate their farm systems multiple times before BCM’s own Beth Boepple helped launch Little Jubba Agrarian Commons, making it possible for Muhidin Libah and his community to secure and control farmland.

Read about Muhidin and his community’s journey here

outdated solid waste management plan brings controversy to Dalton

Attention, and a lawsuit, has been brought to an application for a new landfill in Dalton, NH. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) argues that the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) has not updated their solid waste management plan since 2003 although laws require updates every six years to keep up with the evolution of practices, technology, and alternatives to land-filling. North Country Alliance for Balanced Change (NCABC), represented by BCM’s Attorney Amy Manzelli, supports CLF in their position that NHDES cannot determine the accuracy of new permits when plans have not been updated since 2003. Amy states; “the  solid waste management plan, being 18 years old, cannot contain any up-to-date information about the preferences for source reduction, recycling, etc.” and that outdated plans “would have a dramatic and irrevocable impact on NCABC and other residents in the North Country for decades to come.”

Read the full article by the Caledonian Record here.

CMP project faces delays and hurdles

After the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals halted CMP’s Construction in segment 1 of the environmentally destructive 154 mile transmission corridor known as NECEC, CMP shifted work to a portion of the corridor route previously disturbed by transmission lines and clearing. CMP’s strategy appears to be to get as much work done as possible while their permits are in effect to gain “vested rights” all while Environmental groups and our clients represented by Beth Boepple, continue fighting to over-turn the permits on appeal. If successful, CMP could be ordered to remove what they’ve built and restore the clear cut areas. Another hurdle CMP faces is a voter referendum, which, if passed by the voters, will require legislative approval for any power line longer than 50 miles, including the NECEC. 

Read more in the Portland Press Herald here.

NHANRS 2021 Annual Conference

Attorney Jason Reimers spoke at the 2021 New Hampshire Association of Natural Resource Scientists (NHANRS) Conference on January 29th. This is the second year that Jason has covered the topic of ethics at this conference.

Read more about the conference and the NHANRS here.