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We Prepare Documents

Clients come to us to prepare the documents they need for their nonprofits, farms, businesses, homes, and more. Whether the issue is a simple right-of-way agreement between neighbors or a complex business arrangement with many parties, we make sure our clients’ needs are met.

We help our clients with documents in several different ways. We write documents from scratch with the experience of having done so many times before. We also review and revise documents that our clients bring to us.

Clients can rely on us at all phases of organizational development: the documents to form a business or nonprofit, the documents to keep it going during operation and transactions, and the documents necessary for transition or growth. We understand how businesses, organizations, and associations operate. We use our know-how to create documents that work.

Following is a sample of the documents we work with:

501(c) Formation
IRS Form 1023
Articles of Incorporation
Boundary Line Agreement
Community Supported Agriculture
Conflict of Interest Policy
Conservation Easements
Federal Funding
Government Forms
Hazardous Contamination
Historic Preservation
Land Use
Ground Leases
Purchase & Sale Agreements
Restrictive Covenants
Rights of Way
Use Agreements

Illustrative Projects:

Conservation Easements

Our legal team worked with many parties to protect hundreds of acres in southern New Hampshire and keep them viable as farmland. This particular project had it all: nearly a million dollars in federal funding which triggered federal oversight of the project; private landowners looking to fund retirement through conservation; young people desirous of access to farmlands; several nonprofits, both statewide and federal in scope; a town; a school; and several different lots of record. Our client was a national nonprofit whose mission is to promote sustainable agriculture through land conservation.

Construction & Operation Rights of Way

In conjunction with the work of one of our lawyers to site a large retail development, she prepared all of the easements required for construction and operation of the store. The temporary easements for the construction period included those for drainage, access, snow storage, and more. The permanent easements included those for emergency access, utilities, and more. Easements and other agreements were required, negotiated with, and ultimately obtained from numerous abutting landowners.


Many nonprofits wish to be recognized as exempt from federal income tax under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Others wish to amend or create articles and bylaws that are up to date and match the organization’s current practice. We work with many nonprofits on these efforts and more. We can bring clarity, organization, and legal enforceability to articles, bylaws, policies, and more.